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Hi. I am Kutiiing.
and I am currently sad.
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One of my bucketlist in life before turning 27 years old was to travel alone in a foreign country.
I was researching countries where travelling alone can be safe, well, at least, you can feel safer.
Then, I found Singapore!

It was a connecting flight via Iloilo Airport. I remembered that time, I was hang over from drinking the last night. So, I hopped in a flight with a groggy head.
After arriving in Iloilo, I looked for a coffee to ease my feelings. All I found was this coffee.

I cannot remember much but I know I threw a few rants on how expensive this coffee was. hahaha.
Well, welcome to the airport. haha
Anyways, my next flight was 8PM, finally bound to Singapore!

Bye, for now, Iloilo airport!

The flight was not that long, it was only about for, more or less, 3 hours. Before the plane landed, the flight crew handed us a few forms to fill up for the immigration.

And it's just that moment that it sank in, "ohmygaad, I am really doing this! I am going to Singapore!"

And my SG Adventures begin.

This trip should be economical, I had to researched ahead of time, for the last few months before this trip, on how to had a SG trip with fewer pesos to spend.
First, I looked for an exchanged currency stall to change my dollars to SG dollars, then I looked for a sim where it has 300GB of data for me to use the internet and an EZ-link SG Tourist Pass with unlimited train rides! And during my research, I found out that some tourists camps in the airport waiting area before the airport bus will be available to transport them to the airport exit. Since my arrival time will be 3 o'clock in the morning, I did this. hahaha I had no picture during this time but I laid down on a chair near an outlet to charge my phone, covers my hand carry bag, and just closed my eyes. haha And yea, nothing bad happened. hahahah
I woke up a bit later, and thought, oh, it's still dark. Then, when I looked at my watch, haha it's already 630AM! It's weird. haha It's just then I packed up my things, and roam around the airport, looking for the exit where the bus could possibly stop by and I took a picture of this:

Then, the bus arrived, took us to the exit of the airport where I hopped into a train going to I do not know where. hahah It's when I start studying the insides of the train, where and what to look for, with my Singapore train map. haha Yes, I have a train map in my phone but I haven't had a location in mind! First popped in was the Marina Bay Sands! When I got out of the train station, these were my views:

I have not expected to see these views since when I lookep up on the internet about it, it was always during night time, and here there are, I saw them at daytime. The Marina Bay Sand and the Singapore Flyer!

I hadn't yet checked in on to my hotel, so I travelled going to Jalan Basar. Funny thing on my first trip going there, I didn't know there was a train station super near it, so I hopped out one station away from Central 65 Hostel, walked going to the hotel. haha. After checking in, I got out and explored more Singapore.
thank you for visiting!