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Hi. I am Kutiiing.
and I'm had so much fun last weekend! 0805060722
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Welcome to my little world.


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I will be playing this, Stray!

Today is cozy. Well, the past days were cozy.
Currently Reading: No Longer Human by Junji Ito. This is kinda disturbing...
AppSir Games just released their new retrogame! visit their shrine page here

I just found my baby's pictures after he was being neutered! He got this big eyes you shouldn't miss! You can visit his page to look at his pictures!
Click here for cat pictures that will make your day! A compilation of cat pictures that will lighten up your mood! Click the image for its source.
I HAVE MADE A GAME! It's simplee, but it's my first!! you can play it here
Studyinggg: Basic Python because why not. haha
I have made an account on! Follow me there, too!
Currently playing Puzzling Peaks by AppSir Games, Inc. And I am having a hard time on Level 74. huhu I really don'e have a hand coordination.
Yet, you can visit their shrine here You won't regret playing his games...


I have been sooooo afraid of horrory things, especially the ghost-type of horror, well, until recently, I have been so exposed to it. So muuuuuch exposed. But you know the feeling? That feeling of being afraid with adrenaline rushing through your veins that, somehow, it is addicting. But I am still afraid and jittery and stays behind my pillow every time we're watching. haha.
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