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Caroline. 31. Scorpio.
But everyone in the internet knows me as Kutiiing. [KOO-TING]

Tweaking things is usually my favorite past time, so when Darius introduced me to Neocities, I just got excited that I could do it again!

Favorite Color: Black, Pink, Green Favorite Drink: Water. haha
Favorite Animal: Cats! Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Favorite Dinosaur: Si Rexi! haha Favorite Chocolate: Ferrero Rocher!
Favorite Thing in the sky: Stars and Moon! Favorite Pasta Dish: Spaghetti and Carbonara
Favorite breakfast food: Scrambled Eggs or Sunny side up eggs, or pancakes Favorite fruit: I love fruits! but I mostly eat apples.
Favorite comfort food: Coffee, Ice cream, and pizza! Favorite Pasta Dish: Spaghetti and Carbonara
Favorite cake: Recently, I love Ube Cake of Purple Yam Favorite soda: Coke Zero and Rite n Lite
Favorite alcoholic drink: Whisky wahah Favorite drink at Starbucks: caramel Macch (Iced or Hot)
Favorite cookie: lately, I love Mcvities Wholesense Cookies! Favorite flavor coffee: but I still love plain black, no sugar and creamer.
Favorite soap scent: Safeguard na white haha Favorite article of clothing: tshirt and skirts/shorts. meh to pants already
Favorite hairstyle: recently, I just love my short hair Favorite makeup you can't live without: sunblock, is that even a make up? haha
Favorite extracurricular activity: having fun and learning Favorite thing to do when you’re sick: Eat. Sleep.
Favorite thing to look forward to: plane rides hahaha Favorite way to relax: spending time with friends



hi. :)

a morning person or a night owl?: neither, all day person meee an introvert or an extrovert: neither (?) Ambivert. haha
Am I afraid of the dark?: Only when I just watched or played a horror movie. haha Am I more of a coffee person or a tea person?: Blood type: Coffee. Haha
Did I go to the prom: Once, haha. I didn't like it. What is my idea of a perfect date?: Just hanging out doing the things we love, eating our favorite food, sharing different things, stories, just having fun.
Do I have any phobias?: Autophobia Have I ever played any sports?: not really played but I tried playing Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Taekwondo
baths or showers?: Never tried baths... hahaha If money were no object, what would I want for my next birthday?: a week of off-the-grid vacation
beach or the mountains?: beachh What’s the last song I listened to?: At the time I am writing this, I am listening to Little Nightmares II Soundtracks hahaha
thank you for visiting!

Hi. I am Kutiiing.
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